Detective Agency provides to the individuals and legal entities a large range of services:

      Detective services:

    - independent investigation;
    - insurance fraud investigation;
    - investigation of crimes (with the aid of the law enforcement);
    - investigation of the reliability of the corporations;
    - people search, property search;
    - search of lost family ties;
    - ascertaining of biographic and personal data;
    - verification of applicants for employment and verification of existing staff;
    - physical security of persons in crisis situations, in foreign countries as well;
    - tacit support of those on holiday in foreign resorts;
    - control of a child’s free time, withdrawal of children from the negative impact;
    - quality verification of the execution of their duties by nannies and housekeepers.
    - services on business security:
    - verification of business partners in Ukraine and abroad;
    - identification of unfair competition;
    - subscription service;
    - information support of adopting of business decisions;
    - intracorporation theft;
    - identification of devices of unauthorized access to information, protection of private premises, offices against unauthorized entry and information retrieval;
    - investigate of violations of intellectual property rights;
    - competitive intelligence.

      Legal services: (all complex – team of lawyers of the Lawyers Association “Ex Jure”).

      Debt collection:

    - debtor tracing (their property) and those, who evade their contractual obligations.

      Audit services:

    - audit of the financial - economic activity of legal entities (Audit Company “Konzeptual”).